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New Idea

I have decided that in order for me to get back into writing on my Blog, I need to take a different approach.  So, this is me new idea...

I'm going to be writing journal type posts. Things that happen around the farm and homestead thoughout our day or week.

This will be my first journal post.

May 28, 2021 

Cold day on the farm. Winds blowing, feels like we fell back into winter. 

The guys all worked in the shop today. Kevin doing some maintence on the feeder wagon. The steel on the belt is wearing thin and in one spot wore a hole right through it. Kevin patched the hole so feed won't fall through.

Sydney and Ethan worked on a neighbors' tractor. It's has some major wire damage and they are trying to replace all the wires that got destroyed. (Easier said than done)

Sanders has a new idea also. Since he no longer has his rabbits or a goat, he wants to convert the shed he built for the rabbits, and make it into his very own workshop. That way he has his own space to work on his projects without taking up space in the big shop. He's been working hard and has big plans.

Today he also finished all his math for the year. He did really well with Pre-Algabra. He still has a bunch more subjects to finish, but not too much longer and he will be enjoying Summer break.

Mackenzie was at school all day. She is gearing up for her final tests. Only a couple more months until she graduates! Tomorrow she will be starting a new job. The waitressing job was fun and she was amazing at it, but she wants to be outside working. She has decided to take a job working on the weekends for a landscaping company. Can't wait to hear all about her first day on the job!! 

I tried to stay inside most of the day. Way to yucky to be working in the garden. I'm a little concerned about my peppers and tomato plants, as they love warm weather. The wind has really gave them a beating. Today never made it out of the 40's F.

I canned some dry beans today. They will be great to have when making fresh salsa this Summer! I also made a Dump Cake. I couldn't find the recipe from my Mom, so I just made it from memory. It turned out exactly how I remembered it. Yummy!! The whole family loved it. Only have a little bit left over...

As we head into the Memorial Day Weekend, we remember those that served our country and those that are serving now. We pray for protection for all the men and women that are away from their families and loved ones.

THANK YOU to all that have ever served, in any way. We Bless YOU!!