Cows Out

The last thing you want to hear when you’re sound asleep or when you’re an hour away from home or even when your in the middle of a project. The cows are out!

I can’t even count how many times we’ve had cows out over the years. Maybe the fence wasn't working properly in the pasture and the cows walked right through it. Or someone forgot to lock the gate on their way out of the barn that night.

It could have been that a couple bulls were fighting and they broke the gate that was between them.

Sometimes I wonder if we are raising deer instead of cows, that can leap over the highest gate, but whatever the reason, as the old saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

The other evening during chore time Sanders came to the house with an upset tone in his voice, he informed us that the 2 groups of milk cows got mixed up due to Mackenzie not locking the gate.

Every evening Mackenzie brings in the 1st group of cows to get milked and while they are getting milked she cleans the alleys and beds the free stalls. After the first group is all milked, Sanders then is in charge of getting the second group of milking cows into the holding area so they can be milked. Then he cleans their alleys and beds the stalls.

Only one gate divides the 2 groups. Somehow, (not putting the blame on Mackenzie) the gate got opened and Sanders thought all the cows were mixed up. So, Sydney, Mackenzie and myself headed outside to what had happened. (Ethan was milking and Kevin was working in the shop.)

Thankfully the cows didn’t get mixed up, but there were 2 bulls in the same group when there is only supposed to be 1 per group. We sorted out the bulls and everything was back to normal.